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April Whitney

I like to think that I’ve taken the concept of ‘sense of place’ and turned it into a lifestyle. Sense of place describes the unique character of particular localities and regions – and – the emotional bonds and attachments people develop when they experience a specific location or environment.

That pretty much sums up what inspired me to plant deep roots in McCall, Idaho, a place that has become as much a part of who I am as my genetic code.

These days, the story of my life is written in the curves of ski tracks in fresh powder, winding trails through pine forests, and quiet viewpoints overlooking alpine lakes. It is felt in the rhythms of the seasons that swing so dramatically at 5,000+ feet and through the community connections that become ever tighter in a small mountain town that has a special knack for tightening human bonds.

My communications career began under the bright lights of a big city, but like your business, my story has evolved over time. My background in journalism taught me the power of words, the impact of effective storytelling and how to deliver results under a deadline. My work in the recreation and tourism industries gave me the ability to discover what drives a person’s loyalty and affinity to a brand, place or experience. My connection to this community has shown me the value of the human experience and how tapping into our shared stories can bring us together.

I bring all those passions to the work I do and into my client relationships.

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